Where to find all our blog posts and announcements

We’ve written a fair number of blog posts over the years, so to make them a little easier to find we’ve re-organised them into categories. Our activities have changed and we offer workshops, mentoring and now have a Scholarship Group for our members. We hope this makes everything easier to find, but please let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to add! 

  • If you are interested in events and announcements from the Scholarship group, check the Scholarship Group category
  • For our events calendars, workshop details and summaries check the Workshop category
  • For advice, stories and mentoring when it comes to applying for A/F/S/PHEA, please check our Fellowship category. You can also let us know if you want to be a mentor, or are looking for mentoring from someone’s who’s been through the application process!
  • News and summaries related to the Foundation Year Network Conference can be found under the FYN Conference category.
  • General news and announcements are posted under the Blog category
  • Advice from foundation year teachers, together with posts written by members of our community are in the Community category

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