Post FYNAC22 thoughts and looking forward to FYNAC23

The 2022 Foundation Year Network conference at Aston University was the first time some of us could meet face to face since 2019. It was brilliant seeing colleagues again for such a well-organised conference and share ideas and practice. There was the option to join online as well, which we think worked well, was useful and there were definitely a lot of interesting questions being asked and chats going on! The Twitter feed at @foundationyear1 was busy throughout the conference, and the #fynac22 hashtag was full of ideas and chatting. 

The presentations on wellbeing were really interesting, and we’re sure everyone left with some ideas to implement to help the mental wellbeing of students and colleagues. It was great to have the opportunity to hear from some former foundation year students who are now well on their way to achieving their degrees, who had valuable insights into how important intra-personal relationships are for success. 

During the second day we talked about scholarship among many other things. The FYN Scholarship and Educational Research Group has come out of previous conferences and is something to definitely get involved in when it comes to sharing practice, scholarship and educational research ideas. It’s certainly something I plan on getting involved in!

As a network, we also have a journal which we would encourage FYNAC presenters to submit their papers too. Of course it is not limited to conference abstracts or papers, and other research work related to foundation years is welcome to be submitted to this peer-reviewed journal. 

Finally, the next conference will be held next year at the University of Sheffield, and we look forward to welcoming you all to Sheffield and the University!

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