• Steve Leech posted an update 2 years ago

    Here are the outcomes from Catherine’s icebreaker session this morning. It’s just in note form at the moment, but gives some insight into the issues that matter to our network members. Please feel free to comment…

    What delegates want to get out:
    1. Share ideas and best practice, total 29, including;
    Retention, 3
    Marketing, 2
    With others from same subject discipline, 2
    Linking to destination courses
    Testing ability
    Pastoral care
    Needs of mature students
    Skills modules
    Pass rates
    Integration of international students
    2. Emotional aspects e.g. inspiration, confidence, reassurance, solidarity, recognition, reflection, recharge enthusiasm. 23

    3. Modes of delivery e.g. what is a FY, learn from more established courses. 10

    4. Networking and collaboration 8

    5. Hear the student voice/ perspective 2

    6. Research ideas 2

    Put In

    1. Sharing ideas and experience, total 14, including;
    Scholarship of teaching and learning
    Mature student recruitment
    Student support
    Embedding study skills

    2. Emotional e.g. energy, enthusiasm, positive optimistic outlook, recognition, honesty, inspire, keeping it friendly. 7

    3. Networking 3

    4. Different Perspectives;
    Student 3
    Different HEIs


    1. Recognition 10

    2. Attendance, retention, progression 10

    3. Institutional change, pressures from above, loss of autonomy 6

    4. Staffing 4
    Zero hours contracts
    Recruitment of experienced staff
    Career progression

    5. Student support 3

    6. Mental health 3

    7. External pressures, TEF, benchmarking 3

    8. Brexit and fees 3

    9. Recruitment and admissions testing 2