This page contains conference materials presented at past annual conferences. Please feel free to make use of these resources, acknowledging authorship appropriately.

Retention of Foundation Year Students (Avery et al, Leeds)

Reflections on Moving from a Broad Social Sciences and Humanities Foundation Year to Subject Specific Pathways (Bradshaw et al, London Met)

Feedback Dialogues Supporting Academic Development in the Foundation Year and in Transition to Level One (Enstone, Leeds)

A Comparison of the Impact of Two Foundation Year Courses on Students’ Capability to Participate (Hannon and O’Sullivan, Trinity, Dublin)

‘Teaching Excellence Framework’: Reflections on ‘Teaching Excellence’ from a Year Zero Perspective (Ingram, Nottingham)

A Flipped Approach to Reflective Practice (Jennings, Loughborough)

TEF-long Coating Integrated Degress with Foundation Year: Foundation Year Provision in the Year 2021 (Kitchen, Sheffield)

Effect of Course Choice on Student Success (Marshall, Durham)

Wellness and Resilience for Foundation (McManus, Durham)

The Selection of Potential Undergraduate Students who Lack Customary Academic Qualifications: The Toolbox Approach (Moreton, Durham)

Student Commuters: Retention Analytical Modelling (Pearce, KCL)

Henges (Priede, Sheffield)

BME Male Students: Role Modelling for Retention and Progression (Shah and Tarby, Solent)

Exploring the Frontiers of Foundation Years in Mathematics: An Enhanced Transition (Sharp et al, Plymouth)

Supplementary Academic Skills ‘Podcasts’ can Support International Students (Sjoberg et al, Birmingham)

An Excellent Adventure? Supporting Widening Participation via Foundation Year Entry (Watts, Nottingham)

Widening Participation: Anticipating and Supporting Successful Completion (Wilson, Durham)

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