This page contains conference materials presented at past annual conferences. Please feel free to make use of these resources, acknowledging authorship appropriately.

KEY NOTE: OFFA: Office for Fair Access (Les Ebdon)

Promoting Potential: The Place of ‘Potential’ in Programme Planning (Doug Ingram) 

Potential Difference: The Place of Potential in the Admissions Process (Peter Watts)

Engineering Thinking: An Analysis on the Development of Critical Thinking Skills within Foundation Year (Sevendy Patchamuthu)

A Novel Group Work Model in the Science Foundation Year Programme: “Biology in Context Group Projecy” (Helga Bartels-Hardage, Dominic Henri)

To Teach or not to Teach: The Effectiveness of Overtly Teaching Formulaic Phrasing in Academic Practice (Julie Wilson)

Provision of Timetabled Academic Support Sessions(Maria Koeck)

‘To Mentor or Not to Mentor’ Two New Peer Assisted Learning Schemes (Rhian Jones)

Student Experience of Feed-Forward Assignments (Shirley Ashforth-Frost)

Zestful Engagement of Student Transitions (Kelly Chambers)

Motivation, Resilience and Self-efficacy and their Contribution to Chinese International Foundation Students’ Academic Adjustment (Jinhua Mathias, Julie Wilson)

Science and Engineering Foundation Year: Course Changes to Help Support BTEC Students Succeed at University (Peta Kirk)

(Re-) Discovering the “Joy of Learning” Outside the Classroom (David Leathlean)

Transforming Lives Through the Foundation Year(Juliet Radford Hayes, Hazel Madzenenga, Alison Maton, Nikki Lall)

Supporting Students to Thrive (Not Survive) in FY and HE (Sandie Dann, Sian Williams)

Potential Difference: The Place of Potential in the Admissions Process (Peter Watts)

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