This page contains conference materials presented at past annual conferences. Please feel free to make use of these resources, acknowledging authorship appropriately.

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FYNAC Welcome (Marshall)

Differences in Progression between Sub-cohorts: What can we do to enfgage the lads? (Manchester Met) *

Student Expectations and Engagement [SEET] Project (Daly) 

Engagement of Peers in Assessment and Support (Dann & Williams) 

Foundation Centre: Pre-Arrival; Enhancing Student Learning from Day One (Nolan, Bruce, Leech) 

Making the Invisible Visible: Learning from a Corpus of Student-generated Texts (Bruce& Rees) 

From Negative to Positive & From Local to Global (Jackson) *

Foundation Ethics: Implications for Students and Staff (McManus) 

Make New or Repin? Creating a Multimedia Anthropology Resource in Pinterest (Pearce & Learmonth)

Roles for Foundation Year Network: Benchmarking (Hughes)

First they came for the Matures… The Future of the Foundation Year Network? (Kitchen)

CPD and Scholarship for Foundation Teachers (Marshall)

Organisational Models for the Foundation Year Network (Rees) 

Supporting Maths (and stats) at Foundation Level (Greenhow)

Change the Landscape of Teaching Mathematics using Technology – Blended Learning (Mathias)

Feedback from Panel Discussion (Dann)

The Preparatory Year at London Met (Chatterton et al)

Carpe Diem: Reasons for Change (Dunn)

The Extended Degree Programme in Engineering at South Bank University (Faulkner)

A Question of Confidences, in which Sheldon teaches Penny Physics (Kitchen)