As part of the constitution of the Network an executive committee is elected every year at Annual General Meeting. It is the job of the Executive Committee to represent the interests of the Network and to advance the Objects of the Foundation Year Network in accordance with its constitution. The Executive Committee is comprised of three Honorary members, Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, together with between two and four further members. No more than two members of the Executive Committee may be from any single institution or organisation and all the executive committee members will retire from office together at the end of the next annual general meeting after they came into office. They may be re-elected or re-appointed. Each year up to two members are co-opted to the Executive Committee from the Foundation Year Network Annual Conference (FYNAC) Local Organising Committee (LoC) to serve for one year.

Executive Committee membership is decided by election at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for membership must be received in writing at least 14 days in advance of the AGM.

We strongly recommend that you read the Executive Commmittee ‘job descriptions’ before nominating

You can access the NOMINATION FORM here

Please feel free to contact the Network Secretary if you have any questions.