The Foundation Year Network is primarily a community of practitioners and members are invited to discuss all aspects of the network and its business using the social networking options on this site at any time. In addition, as a constituted association, the Foundation Year Network holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM), to which all members are invited, where decisions are made about the direction the network is to take over the following year.

Our Annual general meetings look like this:

1 – An annual general meeting of the association will be held at the end of the Foundation Year Network Conference each year, or as soon as possible after that.

2 – Every annual general meeting will be arranged by the executive committee. The secretary must notify the members of the association at least 21 days before the meeting. All association members can attend and vote at the meeting.

3 – Before any other business at the annual general meeting, the attendees will appoint a meeting chair.

4 – The executive committee will present to each annual general meeting the report and accounts of the association for the preceding year.

5 – Nominations for election to the executive committee must be made by association members in writing. The secretary of the executive committee must receive all nominations at least 14 days before the annual general meeting. Election will be by ballot only if the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies.

For your convenience you can use the following links to download documents for the AGM and use the link provided to make nominations for 2017/18 Executive committee. Please note that members are welcome to nominate themselves.

The Agenda for the 2017 AGM can be downloaded here (pdf)

The Minutes from the 2016 AGM can be downloaded here (pdf)

The Minutes from the Special General Meeting 13.09.2016 can be downloaded here (pdf)

The Annual Statement to Association Members 2017 can be downloaded here (pdf)


Infromation on Executive Committee Elections and an online Nominations Form can be found on the Nominations for the Executive Committee page