With admissions to foundation year programmes in the news recently as a result of the Augar review and other pronouncements by government ministers and members of the press, these contributions explore the challenges of an inclusive admissions process for FY study and how this has been complicated by the current pandemic.

We invite colleagues to join us for a round-table discussion, focused on the resources below, that will be taking place on Monday 20th July, 14:00-15:30.  To join the conversation, colleagues must first join the Annual Conference Teams site, which you can do by signing up here: https://tinyurl.com/FYNAC2020

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Caroline Anderson and Beverley Allan, University of Nottingham, Are widening participation admissions policies inclusive or divisive? An exploration of Foundation Science students’ experiences

Rachel Dunn and Steve Faulkner, Durham University and London South Bank University, FYN Inclusive Admissions blog post July 2020 v2

Sarah Hale, University of Sheffield, What do we think we’re doing? Practitioner perspectives on the role of foundation years in working class inclusion in HE (Opens PDF in new window)

Camilla Priede, University of Sheffield, Inclusive Admissions during lockdown? (opens PDF in new window)