In the upcoming months, educators across the world will be making rapid adjustments to their teaching as they attempt to take classes online.  As we make this adjustment, it’s important that we continue to think about how we can make learning environments inclusive and consider the lessons we’ve learned this term.

We also invite colleagues to join us for a round-table discussion, focused on the resources above, that will be taking place on Tuesday 21st July, 13:00-14:30.  To join the conversation, colleagues must first join the Annual Conference Teams site, which you can do by signing up here:

Once you are a member of the Teams site, you can join the conversation taking place in the Staff and Student Experience channel. 


Lewis Baker and Carol Spencey, University of Surrey, Blending Microsoft Teams with existing teaching environments to widen access and improve inclusivity and engagement

Amy Patten, Aston University, 

TEAMMATES: Improving the student and staff group assessment experience