FYN Workshop: “External threats and internal pressures: a perfect storm for Foundation Years across the sector?” 26th April 2019, University of Sussex

You are invited to the forthcoming FYN Workshop entitled: “External threats and internal pressures: a perfect storm for Foundation Years across the sector?”
26th April 2019
14:00 – 16:30
University of Sussex, Brighton


This workshop is framed as a roundtable discussion of current and/or anticipated challenges to Foundation Year provision in the light of the Teaching Excellence Framework, the post-18 fees review, and the evolving approach of the Office for Students to the regulation of the wider HE sector.
Members of the FYN working group on the TEF/post-18 fees review will introduce the session with a very brief assessment of the current ‘state of play’ in respect of these two reviews.
The majority of the workshop will then be given over to sharing and discussing colleagues’ specific challenges and concerns from their different institutional perspectives, and identifying potential responses, solutions and opportunities in the current environment.
Discussion points are likely to include:
– Differential/reduced fees
– Minimum entry tariffs
– FE:HE interface
– Non-continuation metrics
– Meaningful measures of ‘learning gain’
– Access and Participation Plans (incl. ‘targets’ and ‘continuous improvement’)
Further details will follow in due course concerning the precise location, timing, etc. Travel information: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/about/directions

Please let us know by 15th April 2019 (by emailing r.l.dunn@durham.ac.uk) if you would like to attend and if there are any points you would like to propose for discussion.
FYN workshops provide opportunities for members to engage in discussion relating to good practice in foundation year provision and academic scholarship, to support CPD for foundation year practitioners, and to explore the diversity of provision for entry into HE.
The FYN is committed to supporting inclusive attendance for its members at Network events including workshops. To support FYN members who would not otherwise be able to attend such events, the Network maintains a Conference Attendance Bursary Fund. For more information please email the Secretary:   or Treasurer: .

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