FYN Coffee Morning ‘Preparing students for Foundation’

On Wednesday 28th July we will be holding a ‘coffee morning’, between 1:30 – 3:00pm. Please feel free to bring your lunch.
This is for any FYN member to chat about: ‘How do you prepare students for Foundation?’
This topic is quite pertinent as we move into the planning stages for induction and the new year, and whatever form it takes this year. In terms of ‘preparation’, do you send anything out to new students, either via the post or email to welcome them, e.g. a welcome letter, study skills book, reading list, invitation to a hangout, etc., what activities do you do before September to ‘keep them warm’ so to speak and get them looking forward to it. 
FYN coffee mornings (or afternoons!) offer a good opportunity to talk informally to Network colleagues and share ideas and good practice. They are informal and not like a chaired meeting, so are a good place to meet new people. 
The coffee morning will be held via Zoom. Please get in touch with Rachel Dunn (r.l.dunn@durham.ac.uk) for a link to the online meeting. 

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