Foundation Year Network (FYN) Attendance Bursary (AB) Policy

The Foundation Year Network (FYN) is a UK-based membership association, which is constituted to organise an annual network conference and to represent, promote and support:

  • Good practice in foundation year provision;
  • The academic and scholarly activities of foundation year practitioners;
  • Continuing professional development opportunities for foundation year practitioners;
  • Diversity of provision for entry into higher education.


Attendance Bursaries:

The FYN is committed to supporting inclusive conference attendance for its members at the
Foundation Year Network Annual Conference (FYNAC), associated meetings and
workshops. The FYN is making available a limited number of bursaries (up to a combined
total value of £500 per annum) to support FYN members who would not otherwise be able to
attend the FYNAC or other FYN meetings and workshops hosted throughout the academic

Applicant eligibility:


  • You must be a member of the FYN;
  • You will normally have had a paper accepted or have been invited to present or
    otherwise contribute actively to the conference, meeting or workshop for which
    support is required;
  • Multiple applications/awards may be made by/to the same individual in any year,
    regardless of institutional affiliation.

Award criteria:

Applications are assessed and funds awarded by the FYN Executive Committee on the
basis of greatest need, with priority given to the following applicants:

  • FY practitioners with less secure contracts of employment (e.g. hourly paid staff, staff
    on time-limited contracts);
  • Students (including FY, UG and PGR students);
  • Members with additional support needs (e.g. BSL interpreter, personal care)


Awards are available to support the following eligible costs:

  • Conference attendance fees;
  • Others costs directly associated with accessibility, travel, accommodation and/or
    attendance at FYNAC and other FYN meetings and workshops.

Individual awards are limited to 50% of total eligible costs, up to a maximum of £100 per
application. Applicants must provide confirmation in their application that they have made
efforts to secure funding from their home institution, research funder or employer as
appropriate. Requests for match-funding will be considered.

Application process:

  • Application is in writing to the FYN Executive Committee (maximum 500 words),
    specifying the applicant’s need, how the money was used and supplying receipts
    where possible/appropriate;
  • Applications must be emailed, via the AB Application Form, as a file attachment to
    the FYN Treasurer (;
  • Notification of an AB award will be made to applicants by email as soon as possible

Decisions in relation to all applications and awards are entirely at the discretion of the FYN
Executive Committee, with no opportunity for appeal. Any decision to award is a one-time
goodwill gesture and creates no expectation as to possible future awards.

The Treasurer will report annually to the membership, with a summary of the amounts and
purposes for which awards have been made.

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